Bridge Between Generations GameThe Bridge Between Generations is a free board game that works to reduce depression in the elderly while bringing joy into the lives of both the older and younger members of the community. It works to do this by eliminating three of the main reasons seniors suffer from depression – isolation, boredom, and loneliness – in an enjoyable game that everyone will enjoy.
Exercising your mind and interacting with others are two of the best treatments for depression and The Bridge Between Generations includes both of these: (1) Interact with others our game uses communication cards to help encourage conversation and tell stories; (2) Exercise your mind with our communication cards. You need to think about your past and tell about it while working together to build a puzzle (the Golden Gate Bridge). It’s an intergenerational board game. It is made to be fun and easy for all ages while giving different generations better understandings of each other by encouraging conversation through communication cards, which has a short question about your lifetime experiences.
The BBG GameThe Bridge Between Generations is designed in such a way to optimize the ability of those that are struggling with sight to still be able to read the necessary parts of the game. Highly contrasting, senior friendly colors, along with large font, are some of the ways this is done. For example, we chose a picture which emphasized the red on the bridge and the blue in the water.
To play the game you simply roll dice, pick communication cards, answer the questions, and build a “bridge between generations.” In the end everyone wins! In this fun-filled experience youth and seniors gain better understanding of each other by building The Bridge Between Generations (click to download).
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