A flexible option for ramping your home, vehicle, boat or community

Roll-A-Ramp literally presents a redefinition of flexible ramping with quite possibly the most versatile option for wheelchair ramping available today.  A light weight option – rollaramps are made of aircraft aluminum and provide a flexible arch design which can literally roll up for transporting and storage needs.
Versatile portable ramps – roll a ramp provides lightweight and durable (1000 pound capacity) ramps that have a unique sectional configuration allowing you to easily extend or shorten the ramp length for ease of use.  The patented pin configuration allows you to easily add or remove sections of ramp easily for use.
Modular aluminum ramps – versatile modular ramp options are available as well with the rollaramp system that allows for easy configurations, including additions of landings and railings to achieve ADA compliant configurations and solutions for your ramp.  Modular ramps also provide the option for easy removal of a ramp section that can be used as a portable ramp with the patented Positive Lock PinsTM.  Railing systems are extremely strong and easy to install/take down.
Boat ramps – due to the systems flexibility and addition of rollers at the dock end of the ramp section, roll-a-ramp provides a unique and adaptable boat ramp system that accommodates the flexibility required for accessing boats with wheelchairs or scooters.
Vehicle ramps – roll a ramp provides a unique and flexible system that permits access to vehicles with a modular and inexpensive/inobtrusive system.  Both manual and power fold up systems are available for vehicle integration without costly vehicle modifications.
RV Ramps – configurations are available with ramps and platform systems for RV integration and accessibility as well.  Intermediate landings are easily adapted and removed with the roll-a-ramp system.
Call BILD today to learn more about your options.  We install permanent, semi-permanent and portable options for ramping your home, church, or business.  We serve Wisconsin (262) 671-2032 and Illinois (847) 453-8866 – please call us today for more information or visit www.bildnow.com.
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