When injured or suffering from trauma, finding the best solution for access to your home can be a challenge. BILD realizes this and offers more options for home and community access than any other company, including both rentals and permanent/semi-permanent installations.
Ramp rentals:folding ramp 2
BILD offers both portable aluminum ramps, which are available for rental,  and semi-permanent ramp systems. Both of these options provide safe access to and from the home with    customizable layouts and designs.  for a home entry with more than 1-2 small steps, however, a portable ramp will not suffice.  For one of these entries, an aluminum modular ramp will provide a great option for access to your home. They are safe and secure, with railings, landings, and customizable layouts.
folding ramp
Lift rentals:
Often it may be more cost effective to access the home with the use of a lift, or to access another floor inside of the home with a lift. BILD provides lift rental services and options for mobility and access inside of the home.
Rental options for your home include:
Stair lifts – providing second floor access for straight stairways for individuals who can transfer from a wheelchair.Milwaukee and Chicago stairlift
Vertical platform lifts – providing easy and safe access in and out of the home.
Mechanical stair lifts – for use into the home, inside of the home, and in the community, a mechanical stair lifter allows an able bodied caregiver to easily lift an individual up and down the stairs in a manual wheelchair.
Professional assessments:
BILD offers professional ramp and lift assessments for your home, with accessibility consultants who have a physical/occupational therapy background. We can come out quickly to provide a timely assessment, and competitive pricing for rentals or permanent