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NEW Selection of Rollators

Thoughtful Design
Juvo takes great pride in providing customers with products of superior quality, design and function. The new range of Mobi Personal Transporters or Rollators is no exception. The Mobi product line includes six models for every need: Standard model, Deluxe model, Heavy-Duty model, EZ-Fold model, Rollator/Transport Chair Hybrid model and a Transport Chair. Contemporary designs, excellent quality, user-friendly features and instructions make Mobi Personal Transporters a perfect solution for anyone needing a little balance support, walking assistance.
Juvo stands behind their line of Mobi Personal Transporters with their Limited Lifetime Warranty and Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.
mobi deluxe personal transporter silver rollator walker 300x200mobi ez fold rollator walker 300x200
mobi standard personal transporter red 300x200mobi heavy duty personal transporter red 300x200
movi personal transport chair 300x200mobi rollator transport chair blue 300x200
What It Does
A Personal Transporter, also called a Rollator or Walker with Wheels, helps people with limited range of mobility to get around safely.  First and foremost the Mobi Personal Transporter is a safety product.  The wide base and sturdy aluminum construction provide lateral and vertical support while walking.  The wheels and locking braking system allow easy navigation through doors, around corners, indoors or outdoors.  The padded seat allows the user to sit down, take a break whenever needed.  The A-frame design folds easily in seconds for storing in a car or in a closet.
Who should buy the Personal Transporter?
Anyone who needs balance support, assistance while walking.  The Mobi Personal Transporter provides peace of mind for the user and family members. It allows anyone with reduced mobility from accident, injury or age to get around independently, safely.  It is an essential safeguard against falls.
home safety comfort center store rollator walker
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