Inclined Platform Lift – a great option for wheelchair access in the home
Considering home access for wheelchair users can be challenging when transfers pose a difficulty.  Stair lifts can pose a cost effective and economical way to manage stairs if you havIncline_Lift_Webe the ability to perform safe and independent transfers, however for a wheelchair user who may have challenges with transfers in the home this can be a difficulty.  For a wheelchair user it also may require keeping a second wheelchair and cushion on the other level of the home.  For those who can not afford an in home elevator, or don’t have space that will easily accommodate an in-home elevator, another option exists.
4.2.7Inclined platform lifts provide and affordable option for wheelchair users to safely and independently manage stairs in the home.    An inclined platform lift simply operates similarly to a stairlift only instead of sitting on a chair to go up and down the stairs, you can drive your scooter or wheelchair onto a platform that carries you up and down the stairs.  Inclined platform lift systems when not in use fold up safely out of the way to preserve the stairway for other individuals to easily use the stairs.
Similar to staifolded up platform liftrlifts – platform lifts also contain safety sensors which stop the lift if an obstruction makes contact with the platform.   Optional with some of the inclined platform lifts include a bar which comes down as an extra security measure for security and safety.   Many systems also have an optional fold down seat that allows non-wheelchair users to use the system as a stairlift.
BILD is a factory certified installer for the Harmar and Savaria Inclined Platform lift systems which provide great options for safety and independence in the home or church and community settings.  The Harmar Sierra is a great option for home accessibility as it provides an affordable and cost effective system which is streamlined for an unobtrusive design, and an energy efficient battery powered system which can make 40 runs in case of a power outage.  BILD is also a certified Savaria dealer for Wisconsin and Illinois and offers a variety of commercial grade straight and custom curved lift systems.  These systems provide a great option for accessibility and safety in the home.
For a free consultation about your options or more information contact us directly at: 262-671-2032 – WI,  847-453-8866 – IL, or 888-482-BILD (2453).  Or email us at [email protected].  Research more ideas and resources for making your home, business or church accessible at  Learn more about BILD’s inclined platform lift options at BILD’s Wisconsin and Illinois inclined platform lift options.  BILD provides other options for managing stairs at home including: straight and curved stair lifts, dumbwaiters, home elevators, vertical platform lifts, and mechanical wheelchiar lift assist devices.