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Home adaptations for individuals with ALS

The purpose of this article is to explore some of the considerations and options for individuals who are living with ALS.  ALS – Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is a progressive neurological condition that leads to gradual decline in strength, respiratory function, and functional mobility. When looking at the needs for home adaptations [...]

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Wisconsin Stair Lifts

  For individuals looking for affordable and quality stair lift solutions – BILD - Bridgeway Independent Living Designs - provides a wide variety of American-made, quality stair lifts to meet your needs.   BILD offers a variety of premium economical and aesthetic  products with weight capacity ranging up to the industry best 600 lbs.  BILD’s premium stair lift [...]

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Wisconsin Home Elevators

For those living in Wisconsin who are exploring options for a home elevator system – BILD represents some of the best elevator options in the state. BILD offers a number of options for residential elevator systems that provide beauty, efficiency, safety, and reliability. Our company carries a number of different options from a variety of manufacturers to meet your specific [...]

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Specialized Grab Bars

Many options are now available for decorative designer grab bars in the home that provide a great option for both beauty and safety.  Through BILD, there is a wide variety of options available, including many different finishes and styles, to match any décor.  Designer grab bars are available at a variety of costs and styles. A variety of different levels of [...]

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Milwaukee ADA Remodeling Solutions for Homes, Businesses, and Places of Worship

Milwaukee’s best resource for helping people stay in their homes is also the premier contractor for remodeling and modifying businesses and churches to become ADA accessible for individuals with disabilities. BILD serves both residential and commercial needs and provides comprehensive solutions and options for individuals with all varied levels and types of disabilities.   The [...]

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Walk in tubs – luxury, quality and functionality for safe-bathing

A recent fad that has become more and more popular is that of the adult walk in tub systems.  BILD offers some thoughts and ideas that may be helpful to you as you decide what may be the best system for you. Our team of accessibility specialists have examined many of the current walk in [...]

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A simple guide to ramping your home – creating a safe and accessible home environment

Ramping options for home: For wheelchair accessibility various options exist for your home : with entry to the home ramp options include: wood, aluminum, or landscaping. The best option for you depends on your preferences, affordability, and timeline.   Choosing a grade:  ADA guidelines for safe ramp grading indicate 12” of run for every 1” [...]

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Safeway Step Tub Cutouts for an Accessible Bathroom

BILD is proud to offer many solutions for independence and safety in your home.  BILD offers the safeway step solution that converts your standard bathtub into a walk in tub. Whether it be fiberglass, steel, or cast iron your existing system can be modified for a lowered threshold to allow easy management of legs in and [...]

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