MBA LogoCome to the MBA show 2012 Jan 5-8 for building ideas for the upcoming Spring.  BILD – Bridgeway Independent Living Designs – has been a proud member of the Metropolitan Builder’s Association and National Association of Home Builders.  Visit BILD online at  Though BILD will not be attending the home show this year, they have established themselves as an innovative and progressive company serving aging adults who wish to remain in their homes, customized designs for individuals with disabilities, and child/family friendly designs. 
A Unique Company 
BILD combines the knowledge of physical and occupational therapists with extensive training in the field of home modifications.  BILD provides the expertise, functionality and medical perspectives for truly forward thinking and accessible designs.  BILD serves all ages of individuals with unique and innovative designs for children and “family friendly” environments.  We provide comfortable and safe modifications for individuals who wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible.  We also assist individuals with disabilities and those caring for children with disabilities with uniquely customized accessible designs.  VISIT us at WWW.BILDNOW.COM
Innovative and quality products for accessible and safe environments:  BILD has demonstrated a commitment to quality and cutting edge products for safety and independence in the home.  We have brought to this area many quality and reliable products for independence and accessibility. 
Leader in home elevators:
A unique company providing elevator solutions for new and existing homes:  BILD offers the greatest quality and reliability for home elevator systems in this region.  Providing the “top of the line” home elevator systems through RAM Manufacturing with the innovative Crystal Elevator providing the superior adapted traction drive system.  This incredible system provides superior results with: the most quiet and balanced system available, energy efficient performance that allows it to run up and down numerous times off backup power in cases of power outage (unheard of in the home elevator industry), unparalleled safety, independently stable rail structures (for peace of mind), no pit requirement, no machine room required, and grease free operation requiring minimal maintenance and maximal dependability.
BILD is a unique company nationally that provides elevator installation and hoistway construction utilizing in house tradesmen (this means no subcontracting).  This is of great peace of mind to our customers who can be confident that there will be one company to deal with for well coordinated results.  We offer a streamlined, professional and integrated approach, offering efficiency, quality, and accountability for positive results.
to learn more about BILD’s elevator systems, follow this link.  To learn more specifically about the Crystal elevator system, follow this link.
Let us help us meet your needs and find the best solutions for your comfort, safety and beauty of your home.  Call us now for a free consultation at 262-671-2032.
Best Bath Mother Child APR UnitBILD’s unique child/family friendly designs.  Call us now for a free consultation.  learn from our innovative and talented designers.