Happy  old couple at homeLiving with arthritis is not easy as there are many challenges and challenges that we face.  There are solutions to independence and safety for living with arthritis that can increase your quality of life and make things much easier.
Making daily tasks easier – the little things you once took for granted can become easier again with functional adaptations.  Now more than ever there are many new solutions available for making life easier in the home.  One of the more challenging areas of the home can be the home: opening cans, reaching to high shelving, limited endurance, or even handling the sink faucet can be a great challenge in the home.

Managing Stairs:

Many options are available to make life easier and make your home more manageable.  We can assist with anything from installation of railings to stair lifts, or a wheelchair lift/home elevator.  Contact us for a healthier and safer environment that brings you independence and safety in the home

Safety and Comfort in the Bathroom:

Today many options are available from decorative grab bars, barrier free bathrooms, walk in tubs, bathtub cut-outs and safe bathing solutions.  We can help to make your bathroom more safe, beautiful and comfortable.

Independence in the kitchen:

Beauty and function can come together in the kitchen environment and we can make managing in the kitchen safe and comfortable again.  Talk with us about how we can make life easier and more comfortable with significant design features that make life easier and more comfortable for you.
We are fortunate in the Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois region to have a home modification provider with in house tradesmen, and consultants who are specialized in accessible design and have medical background as physical and occupational therapists.
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