Mechanical Stair Lifts for Wheelchairs

Caregiver Assisted Stair Lift Devices

BILD offers a unique option for managing stairs in the home and in the community.  Battery powered stair lift devices allow a single caregiver to safely and easily assist someone in a wheelchair up and down the stairs.  They are safe and easy to use for indoor and outdoor stairs, and BILD offers programs for both purchase or rental.

The Mobility Lifter

See our blog post for a more in-depth look at the Mobility Lifter

The Mobility Lifter caregiver assisted lift device can be used for access in the home or community and features the following:

352# weight capacity.

8.25″ stair height capability.

Auditory safety feedback system to cue the assistant to the proper angle.

Optional integrated seat vs. wheelchair interface to eliminate the need for transfers.

Optional narrow seat integration to allow access for narrow stairways or private jets.

Adjustable handles for easy caregiver assistance.

Easily disassembles for travel.


Climbs up and down stairs as high as 10″ in rise.

Protects stairs from damage

Breaks  down into 3 components for travel – The heaviest component is 36.6 pounds

Safety lockout device that senses the stairs edge

Climbs as many as 300 steps on one battery charge

Adjustable climbing speed.

Height adjustable handles.


Roby Stair lift device

A mechanical stair lift device that climbs standard 7″ stairs with ease.

285 pound total weight capacity

Cordless – battery power supply

Climbs 250 steps on a single charge

Does not mark or damage stairs

Portable, Quiet & Affordable


BILD provides a personalized assessment and demonstration.  Call us now for more information or for a FREE consultation.

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